Thursday, October 8, 2009


I dont know who u r when 1st time i meet u or wat taste do u have. I 2 dont know when we r going fall in luv. Is it at the class when I 1st saw u? or when u being my fren among my frens in that class? or when we argue each other? but whenever it is, I will patiently waiting 4 u...

Every nite I pray that u will say that u luv me 2...and I hope that u will luv me for me. Not bcoz of my frens influence or bcoz my family status or bcoz u just want to trick me in ur game luv. I hope u wont compare me with other girls in ur previous life. I admit that i dont have figure and cute face like actress or singers that u admire but I promise u that I will always brighten up ur days. I hope u wont feel ashamed when u walk with me in the public. I know my height only added up a few inches since I was in standard 6. Please remember to hold my hand when we are stuck in a crowd. I am always lost in the ocean of people as I cannot see the pathway at all. So please be patient with me.

Let me remind u that I am weird. I dont like do things that normal girls always do. I like to talk with my self personally, I like to send quotes and sweet lyrics whenever I miss u so please accept them with all ur heart, I dont like to wear a girly cloths and I prefer shirts and snickers, and I dont like to go shopping actually bcoz I need my mum o someone to choose my cloths coz I dont know what is the best 4 me thats why I always reject ur offer. I hope u can accept the fact that I have many fren in the male gender than girls... I also want u remember that I prefer a cute things. Please know that I dont like u ask me if u want to buy something 4 me just buy it and I will accept it sincerely.

When we go on a date, never wory bcoz u wont have to bring me to an expensive place or buy me an extravagant gift. What I luv the most is a place where u are there. And if I ever cry which that I will surely do , dont wory... I will ok after a few seconds... Just be there when I need to talk endlessly for hours and make me smile back with ur stupid joke. Please tell me if anything I do bothers u. I wish u always be honest with me.

I hope that u dont think that im asking to mch of u. I hope that u understand that I want always to meet u. Please take care ur self untill the day we meet again...

(done by black)

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